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Taylor GS Mini-E Koa 211


Taylor 114E 278


Taylor 224CE-K Deluxe 298


Taylor 324CE V-Class Shaded Edgeburst 038


Taylor 214CE-K SB Sunburst 207


Taylor 314CE V-Class 019


Taylor 214CE Deluxe Black ES2 090


Taylor 214CE Deluxe 064


Taylor 714CE V-Class Bracing 051


Taylor American Dream AD27E 112


Taylor Academy 12E 071


Taylor 512CE 12-Fret 061


Taylor 412CE-R V-Class Bracing 072


Taylor 914CE V-Class 097


Taylor 618E ES2 110


Taylor Academy 12 239


Taylor GS Mini-E Quilted Sapele 222


Taylor 524CE V-Class Bracing 065


Taylor 322CE 12-Fret 034


Taylor 327E 036


Taylor 324CE V-Class Builders Edition 077


Taylor 324CE V-Class Shaded Edgeburst 023


Taylor 314CE V-Class 072


Taylor 150E 12-String 345


Taylor 414CE-R 027



Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Guitars touts four major aspects that guide their guitar building process: Craftsmanship, Playability, Tone, and Sustainability of their wood resources. We can verify that Taylor guitars are some of the finest quality acoustic instruments you’ll find. The “Taylor sound” is unique in the acoustic world, and there is a guitar in their line that will suit any tone you’re searching for. Electric players who double on acoustic love the neck carves, which make transitioning between the two especially comfortable.

From the Academy series, all the way to the 900, Koa, and Presentation series, Taylor’s attention to quality and detail is always apparent. Taylor’s breakthrough innovation of V-Class bracing has introduced a new “acoustic engine” to the guitar world that offers exceptional projection and reduction of destructive harmonics that affect intonation.

Taylor’s five acoustic body shapes – from Grand Concert to Grand Orchestra – mean that every guitarist can find their favorite fit and tone. The new Grand Pacific body style introduces a slope-shouldered Dreadnought to the Taylor line that’s taken the acoustic world by storm. For players who want easy upper-fret access, four cutaway designs are offered. A variety of tonewoods are offered throughout the line. And for those who need amplification, built-in electronics are available in most every model, from the ES-Go in the entry-level guitars to the amazingly transparent Expression System 2. Moore Guitars is proud to offer the Taylor acoustic line to our customers.