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Taylor Grand Pacific Acoustics

Built on the sonic engine of V-Class bracing and inspired by classic acoustic guitar recordings, Taylor’s new Grand Pacific is a round-shoulder dreadnought that ushers in a new era of Taylor tone. Based on a classic Dreadnought shape, the Grand Pacific delivers a warm, seasoned sound with powerful, clear bass response without muddiness.

Released in 2019 following the successful launch of Taylor’s innovative V-Class bracing design, the Grand Pacific marks a departure from what many would consider the quintessential Taylor sound: bright individual notes that resonate separately, with plenty of high-end sparkle.

The Grand Pacific boasts a dramatically different flavor of sound. Thanks to the contours of the shape (especially the wider waist) and the tone-shaping power of Taylor’s V-Class bracing architecture, the notes are rounder and broader, overlapping to create a more blended sound. The guitars also produce stunning power in the bass range, without the mud, making for a more musical experience. It’s a guitar that’s usable in virtually every application. Together with the other fundamental sonic improvements of V-Class—more volume and projection, longer sustain, cleaner intonation, and more tonal consistency from top to bottom—the Grand Pacific brings broad versatility to a dreadnought-style guitar, promising to satisfy players across many genres and musical styles.