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Marshall MX212A 2x12 Angled Cabinet


Marshall Guitar Amps

Marshall guitar amps have provided the voice of Rock for decades. From Jimi Hendrix and Angus Young, to Joe Bonamassa and Slash, the world’s guitar legends have rocked with Marshall Amplifiers over the years. Chances are you’ve seen the Marshall logo on a concert stage or two. In the 1960’s, Jim Marshall was very in-tune with what a new generation of rock guitarists wanted and needed, which was more grit and more volume! Jim’s amps and speaker cabinets earned him the nickname “the Father of Loud”. 

From the compact, all-tube DSL series, to the powerhouse JVM's, today's Marshall amplifiers continue to deliver the signature glassy clean tones along with cutting-edge high gain sounds. Guitar icons continue to turn to Marshall Amplifiers for their uncompromising dedication to classic rock n roll sound! Stay loud and shop our Marshall guitar amps today.