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Fender Alternate Reality 

            Fender USA’s Parallel Universe Series guitars are unique looking, sounding and playing electric guitars that are now available in the affordable Fender Alternate Reality Series. These visionary mash-ups take iconic Fender models and create completely new guitar designs! Have you ever wondered what an off-set Jazz bass body reduced to a Stratocaster size with a Humbucker-Singlecoil-Singlecoil pick-up configuration featuring two Telecaster neck pick-ups would look, play and sound like? Wonder no more because that’s exactly what has been accomplished in the new Sixty-Six Alternate Reality Series guitar. That’s just one example of the inspiration behind this new approach to envisioning completely new and unique Fender instruments.

            Form and function are captured in contemporary 21st century designs based on the vintage offerings of yesteryear. If you’re searching for an original looking axe that has the reliability and road-tested value of a heritage brand, the Alternate Reality Series is the new reality you absolutely have to experience. In an interesting effort to cement these new guitar designs in Fender’s storied history and impart a vintage vibe, Alternate Reality Series guitars are offered in vintage colors like Daphne Blue, Seafoam Green, Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue and Three-tone Sunburst. The Natural finish with black pick-guard homage to ‘70’s era Strats and Teles featuring the striking grain of Ash will delight and inspire Fender enthusiasts and aficionados of all ages to play guitar. This marriage of the old and new utilize retro-chic color and finish options that create a bridge, a link to the past that will always be a part of Fender Guitars and a future that Fender will be a mainstay of in any reality.