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American Elite Series

            What do you get when you take state-of-the-art features, components, technology and incorporate them into a production-run guitar or base? You get a Fender American Elite Series instrument, that’s what! Fender created a series of guitars and basses that represent the very best their builders and designers have to offer with cutting edge functionality that sets them apart from the rest and truly make them elite! Electric guitars and basses are the sum of all their parts and the value, tone, performance and playing experience are a result of all the major and minor details. The American Elite Series instruments feature totally unique elements that distinguish them from instruments not only manufactured by Fender but by any other builders in the world.

            Fender American Elite Series guitars and basses have at their core the latest version of Fender noiseless or hum-canceling pick-ups. Generation 4 Noiseless pick-ups are featured in American Elite Series guitars and basses, representing the fruits of the latest developments in this technology and the input of countless guitarists who’ve contributed to their superior performance and tone. Designed to faithfully produce Fender single-coil pick-up tones in studio environments that generate a lot of EM interference, live performance situations with less than optimal audio conditions or high-gain amplifier settings that typically make traditional single-coil pick-ups untamable, Generation 4 noiseless pick-ups are up to the challenge. Locking tuners, compound radius fret-boards, hybrid neck profiles, contoured heels, special hardware, a 9-volt pre-amp with active or passive functionality on the basses all make these instruments the best of the best Fender USA has to offer: The American Elite Series.