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Fender Classic Series

            For over 30 years, Fender has been manufacturing guitars at its facility in Ensenada, Mexico in Baja, California, 78 miles south of San Diego. Originally tasked with manufacturing instruments Fender was importing from its operations in Japan, Fender’s Mexico operations now contribute fully realized, original offerings and lines that are quite a bit more than less-expensive versions of their California-made counterparts. The Fender Classic Series is a perfect example of guitars that can only be made just south of the border with a value and build quality that makes them a unique, quality investment. In many instances, they include period-correct specifications that for practical reasons can only be manufactured in Ensenada and Fender has been honing its craft there since 1987.

            The Fender Classic Series is stands alone in its ability to offer instruments from Fender’s storied past that can only be acquired by going through the Fender Custom Shop. Not only do the most basic specifications such as neck-profiles, fret-board radii, fret-wire and accurately voiced pickups reflect the era of production in Classic Series instruments but also, the colors and Importantly, the formulation of the finish as well. The 50’s and 60’s Lacquer finish instruments offer a period correct formula that breathes and wears just like vintage and Custom Shop instruments that command a far higher price. Roadworn models recreate the user wear and playing experience of vintage instruments that have been faithfully played for years, much like the feel of a perfectly broken in and previously owned leather jacket acquired in a once-in-a-lifetime thrift store find! These details and others like them only available from the Fender Custom Shop and in increasingly un-attainable vintage instruments is what the Fender Classic Series can offer.