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Fender Deluxe Series

            Fender Deluxe Series instruments offer high-end appointments, components and details that set them apart from other models manufactured in Fender’s Ensenada, Mexico factory. They are analogous to Fender Elite Series instruments manufactured in Corona, California in that they feature the most advanced features available in a production model instrument offered by their respected factories. Fender Deluxe Series instruments feature Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups, Two-point synchronized tremolo bridges with bent steel saddles on Stratocasters, modern 12” radii, and deluxe electronics such as S-1 switching that allows series/parallel pickup functionality. Fender Deluxe Series Bases feature HiMass bridge components, other hardware and electronics upgrades like Vintage Noiseless pickups and active electronics with a three-band EQ and active/passive switching. 

            The Fender Deluxe Series is the home some of the most popular instruments in the Fender catalogue like the Deluxe Nashville Tele, Deluxe Tele Thinline and Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special. A dark horse in this series that never fails to impress bassists looking for a more modern feel and aesthetic is the Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass. All Fender Deluxe Series instruments come with a Fender Deluxe Series gig bag and are a proud testament to the over 30 years of Fender instrument manufacturing just 78 miles south of San Diego, California. These are the instruments that prove the commitment Fender has made to provide value and superior functionality to players of all levels of ability and financial means. With a Deluxe Series instrument, you can be assured of an above average performance, tonal versatility and reliability on stage, in the studio or the comfort of your favorite creative space!