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Fender Made In Japan Traditional

            These days, Fender manufacturing in Japan is predominantly for that particular market but very distinct offerings are made available to discerning players here in the U.S. In addition to a handful of Artist Series instruments that are produced there, a modest collection of guitars embody a traditional design aesthetic that is expertly captured by Fender luthiers. Fender guitars manufactured in Japan reflect the attention to detail and quality that a culture known for excellence in individual craftsmanship. Reverence for the past and embrace of the modern is a characteristic of Japanese culture. The production of iconic Fender American instruments in Japan has consistently delivered venerable and important contributions to Fender players and enthusiasts around the world.

            From the production of historic models like the Stratocaster XII to Limited Edition and FSR or Factory Special Run guitars, Fender Made in Japan instruments represent a carefully curated effort. They are in a very real sense, a boutique line of guitars that benefit from a relatively small operation. Fender electric instruments manufactured in Japan have long been sought after because of their reputation for quality and that tradition continues today. The 21st century guitarist can be assured that these faithful reproductions of vintage instruments from the 1950’s and 1960’s will satisfy the creative needs and continue to inspire the Fender players of today and tomorrow!