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Fender Offset Series

            Ranking up there with the most distinctive and iconic electric guitar bodies, the design of Fender Offset Series guitars are a statement of style that embody form and function. These asymmetrical guitar and bass bodies include the venerable Jazz bass, Duo-Sonic, Mustang and Jazzmaster guitars and address the “neck dive” that instruments, particularly basses, can display. A player’s shoulder is a fulcrum and offset bodies can right the balance, creating a more comfortable playing experience. This is exactly the type of innovation that Fender has been a pioneer of, always ahead of the game and responding to feedback from musicians who have contributed to the development and evolution of Fender instruments.

            Fender Offset Series instruments offer functionality that is not found anywhere else with a retro-chic look that belies their original approach to ergonomics. They are as classic as they are modern and represent a collection of guitars and basses synonymous with some of the most impactful movements in music over the past half-century. In the cyclical nature of history these instruments have been embraced by multiple generations of players who appreciate the distinctive look and sound of Fender Offset Series instruments. From the student to the professional, they deliver on all fronts. Legions of players can to testify to their ability to inspire and countless recordings prove Offset Series guitars are here to stay!