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                                                                        Fender Rarities

            These limited edition guitars feature non-traditional Fender tone woods that definitely lean towards the exotic and feature some components that are usually found in Elite Series instruments. What we’ve come to expect of Fender Rarities are not only the aforementioned appointments but genuinely interesting features like channel routed necks for inlayed fret boards, unique colors, finishes and inverted wood combinations like rosewood necks with flame maple fret boards. Add to this rarely seen outside of the Fender Custom Shop pick-ups and player-centric features like compound radius fret-boards and you have a rare bird indeed. Fender Rarities guitars always capture the attention of even the most experienced of Fender aficionados who’ve seen it all!

            Fender Rarities are always surprises when introduced and each unique offering is a special contribution to the Fender cannon of musical instruments. They are meant to stand on their own while at the same time remain firmly rooted in the traditional expectations of tone and playing experience so many guitarists have come to rely upon. Like a fresh, new, interpretation of an old song that unexpectedly surprises and delights, Fender Rarities are the breath of fresh air that not only refreshes but reminds you how sweet it is to breath at all! Just when you thought that everything Fender can do with one of their iconic instruments has been accomplished, the design team and builders at Fender come out with something new. Dealers like Moore Guitars are typically allotted only two of these instruments as they are limited, small batch production runs that are not repeated and truly are in fact as well as in name, Fender Rarities.