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2019 PRS Guitars

It’s always exciting to see what new models and colors Paul Reed Smith Guitars will add to their already impressive catalog. In 2019, PRS has given us plenty of electric guitar gold, but the gifts keep coming from the folks in Stevensville, Maryland, and what you see here are the most recent additions to the PRS Guitars offering. If the listing says “Pre-Order,” you can bet that Moore Guitars has already ordered plenty from the PRS factory and you can reserve yours right now!

For over 30 years, Paul Reed Smith and his team have been building fine musical instruments with a passion, and with a passion for the music their instruments help to create. Some of the world's most renown guitar players prefer to use PRS, such as Carlos Santana, John Mayer, David Grissom, Vernon Reid, Mark Tremonti, and Neal Schon, just to name a few. It's time to add your name to the list! The staff at Moore Guitars are well versed in everything Paul Reed Smith, and are more than happy to help you find the best PRS to fit your wants, needs and budget. Whether it's an SE, S2, CE, Core, Wood Library, or Private Stock, Moore Guitars has the inventory and the know-how! Rest assured that every new PRS gets a full and free inspection and set up prior to shipping, and Moore Guitars is happy to accommodate most custom set up requests, such as a string gauge change or a non-standard tuning.