Fender Cyber-Champ 0158 USED

Fender Cyber-Champ 1x12 Combo 0158 USED

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Some surface scratches on amplifier. Plays great!

Pictures Are of Actual Amplifier!


Fender Cyber-Champ USED


Your new Cyber–Champ™ amplifier is brought to you by the same Tone–team that created the Fender® Cyber–Twin™ and Cyber-Deluxe™ amplifiers. As the crowning achievements of Fender’s most advanced research and development project, Cyber–Series™ amplifiers are endowed with Fender’s exclusive Virtual Tone Interpolation™ technology (patent number 6,222,110). VTI™ technology enables the Cyber–Champ™ amplifier to be different amplifiers according to circuit design. Starting with a virtual circuit board, the Cyber–Champ™ amplifier "rewires" its fundamental architecture to become the essence of some of the amplifier greats — Fender’s Blackface™, Dyna–Touch™, Tweed and Modern amps, and even the best of the British amps! The Cyber–Champ™ amplifier allows you to be the amp designer. Start with one of 14 permanent amp and effect setups stored within the Cyber-Champ™ amp—twist some knobs, make some changes, then save to one of the 7 rewritable preset locations reserved onboard for your original amplifier designs. MIDI implementation on the Cyber–Champ™ amplifier enables you to transfer presets to and from the amp for backup to a PC, or for exchange with other Cyber–Champ™ amplifier players. The Cyber–Champ™ amplifier also puts a huge array of studio–quality effects at your command: Reverb, Modulation and Delay effects, enough to satisfy most any sonic appetite. And many are in stereo, so you can use the headphones jack to enjoy a fully ambient stereo dimension. The Cyber–Champ™ amplifier’s Dyna–Touch™ power amp circuitry and Celestion® speaker deliver powerful, responsive Tone to you and your audience. It’s not just loud “on paper.”




• 21 Amp Design presets selectable using the Preset and Bank buttons or a MIDI controller:

• 14 Permanent presets – great amp and effects setups that are always available

• Fender® Custom Shop bank – 7 premium amp and effects combinations

• Your Amp Collection bank – 7 “stock” classic amplifiers

• 7 Rewritable presets – create and save your own amp and effects setups in the Players’ Lounge bank

• 3 groups of studio–quality effects that can be used simultaneously:

• 4 Reverb types with selectable levels and MIDI–accessible parameters

• 5 Modulation effect types with selectable levels and MIDI–accessible parameters

• 3 Delay effect types with selectable levels and MIDI–accessible parameters

• MIDI implementation:

• 27 Continuous Controllers for adjusting amp settings using external MIDI equipment (sequencer, computer,

foot–controller or Cyber–Series™ amplifier)

• Preset–defined Continuous Controller enables foot–pedal control of programmable parameters

• System Exclusive functionality for selective preset management

• Front panel MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports

• Virtual Tone Interpolation™ technology offers 7 Amp Type selections with tone stacks located before or

after the drive circuitry as appropriate

• Hum Reduction algorithm (patent pending) actively seeks out and suppresses environmental “hum”

• On–board digital chromatic tuner

• 65 watts of output power

• 12˝, 8Ω Celestion® speaker

• Stereo headphone/line out jack

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