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Source Audio Aftershock Pedal

Source Audio Aftershock Pedal

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Source Audio Aftershock


Get down and dirty with the AfterShock Bass Distortion. Out of the box, this stereo pedal delivers three bass overdrive engines that span the gamut of low-end crunch, from smooth and natural overdrive to full-on fuzz attack. The Tube engine belts out a subtle, but powerful vintage tube overdrive with a smooth breakup and plenty of punch. Heavy creates an aggressive scooped sound with ample highs and thundering lows. The Fuzz engine offers intense germanium fuzz tones with loads of bottom and mucho grit. The Aftershock’s simple, yet powerful control panel provides the tools to finely sculpt the perfect bass tone. The Clean knob lets you to mix in just enough clean signal to maintain a rock-solid low-end without compromising the pedal’s SONIC GROWL. Adjust the onboard Tone control and find that thunderous sweet spot for any bass/amp combination.




3 Distinct Fuzz Engines:

Flip the center toggle switch and select between three different bass distortions.

3 Presets:

Use Preset Mode to save a different preset to each of the three toggle switch positions. When the pedal is engaged, all of the parameters instantly jump to their saved value, regardless of the knob positions.

Stereo Input and Output Jacks:

Distort upstream stereo signals, split a mono signal to dual outputs, or use the additional in and out as an external effects loop.

Stackable Drive Engines:

Dual drive engines and stereo inputs and outputs make it possible (via the Neuro App) to stack any combination of drive engines in either series or parallel as well as split the signal and send a separate drive engine to each of the pedal’s outputs.

Universal Bypass:

Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass.

External Control:

Compatible with Source Audio expression pedals, the Source Audio Tap Tempo switch (which also acts as an external switching mechanism), and the Hot Hand 3.


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